Product Name : Safety Accessories
Product Description
Beam anchor of high strength aerospace aluminum alloy

AMSpec is very specialized in producing high cleanliness and precision 7050 aluminum alloy bars, as the safety equipment requires high reliability and yield rate, the strength and toughness of the bars in AMSpec are very consistent. In addition, our OD25.4mm bar already passed the tensile testing from customer, which can afford 3,600lbs without deformation, 5,000lbs without fracture.

Product Introduction
  • OD: +0/-0.2mm
  • Straightness: ±0.2mm
More Services:
  • CNC
  • Surface treatment: Sand blast anodize
Buckle of high strength 7050 aerospace aluminum-alloy

From billet casting, extrusion, and pressing, AMSpec now has ample experiences in production, we only can provide the customized buckles, but also can provide the aluminum alloy plates which customer can make their own design.


AlloyStatic Mechanical Properties
UTS (MPa) YTS(MPa) EI (%)
2138-T6 >420 >400 >13
7050-T6x >585 >510 >11

The testing data will be different based on different specifications. 

  • Thickness:+/-0.1mm
More Services:
  • Vibration polishing
  • Surface treatment: Sand blast anodize
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