Multiple Training Program

We built an all-round training program based on the KPI and employees’ career development. In order to improve employees’ professionalism and competitiveness, we not only provide inner training but also offer the opportunities to take parts in professional external courses.

New employee training

For the new employees, we provide pieces of training to help them adapt well in a new working environment and get their hands in work soon.

On-the-job training

As for the training for on-the-job employees, it would be led by the senior supervisor to make sure every employee process the expertise and skill in works.

Vocational training

In order to increase employees’ adaption and confidence, also raise the productivity of the production line and quality, we provide both internal and external vocational trainings. For example, the basic concept course, management training, and professional vocational training.

Multi-skill training

To make the personnel management more flexible, every staff will rotate to different work station and be trained by the senior supervisor, which can make every employee learns more skills.

Performance Evaluation

We would evaluate employees’ skills and performance periodically. Through evaluation, we could know more about employees’ performance to make up their deficiencies or allocate other job duties for them, so as to qualify them for promotion and increase their satisfaction with the jobs.

There are two parts of performance evaluation, one is “periodical performance evaluation” and the other is “employee competence evaluation”. “Periodical performance evaluation” aims to evaluate the contribution to the work quarterly. “Employee competence evaluation” is in the ways of academic & skill tests to assess the professional skills and knowledge of employees annually.

Basic Welfare

AMSpec views “Employee” as the most important asset. We believe that high efficiency comes from satisfied employees. Thus, AMSpec provides various welfare and insurance system to reach the satisfaction of employees, hoping colleagues to work and grow with AMSpec together.
The welfare system of AMSpec is as follows:
Basic WelfareBonus/RewardOthers

  • Labor insurance

  • National Health
  • Insurance

  • Labor Pension

  • Accident insurance

  • Appointed store discount

  • Uniform

  • Birthday vouchers

  • Holiday gifts.

  • Year-end bonus

  • Bonus for the seniority

  • Free meals

  • Company trip

  • Health examination

  • year-end banquet

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