Reverse Engineering

AMSpec specializes in reverse engineering and failure analysis of aluminum alloy

Some of our engineers have the doctorate in Materials Research, also participated in industries and national defense researches for years. Therefore, we can fully understand the function and limitations of some materials inspection techniques and plan reasonable and effective test methods, we are good at using cases and literatures and providing the improvement suggestions to customers.

In reverse engineer analysis, we focus on assisting customers to analyze the processing, structure of the target product then derive the design principle of the product, we will evaluate the feasibility of developing the better product but under the condition of intellectual property rights. We infer the design principle by mechanical properties testing, microstructure analysis, surface analysis, EC conductivity value and other physical property testing, also study through extensive literatures.

We also focus on the principle and analysis of material destruction. As mentioned in ASM Handbook, the metal industrial products will cause unexpected damage due to defects of material, improper design and manufacture process, or excessively harsh use conditions.

The purpose of failure analysis is to define the root cause of abnormal damage, and correct the necessary corrective actions immediately. Therefore, no matter in product development, mass production, or any other stage, the failure analysis technique is a necessary method to meet the customer requirement and quality improvement.

Below is the flow chart about how we do the reverse engineer and failure analysis:

Failure Analysis

In order to analyze the root cause of the defect, we have to cut the testing piece which is defective or the starting point of the damage, also, a testing piece from normal area will be needed for comparison. the metallographic grain deformation is observed by an optical microscope to observe the structural changes such as the plastic deformation.

AMSpec QC team could assist customers to analyze the color difference of the 7050 deep drawn tubes which happened after CNC process or anodize. There are about 30 cases annually.


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