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Baseball / Softball Bat

High Strength Aluminum Alloy Baseball / Softball Bat

From 2010, AMSpec started to supply the high strength aluminum alloy extrusion tubes for baseball and softball bats, we outsource for swaging/taper with our cooperative suppliers, all the tubes will need to run the heat treatment in AMSpec factory, as AMSpec has the best heat treatment parameters which designed by our R&D. AMSpec now already become one of the high strength aluminum alloy tubes main suppliers.

Materials: 6061 / 7046 / 7050 / 7075 / 7068 / A600Sc (7000 series + Scandium), etc.

Static Mechanical Properties
TS (MPa)YS (MPa)El (%)

Feature Of Product


  • Thickness > 2.0mm in extrusion tube

Tolerance range :

  • OD:±0.3mm
  • Thickness:±0.2mm
  • Length:+2/-0mm

More services:

  • Surface treatment: sandblast anodize, liquid coating, powder coating, decal application, laser carving…etc.
  • Customized alloy development
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