Coordinate Measuring Machine


The Coordinate Measuring Machine in AMSpec:

  • Brand: Brown & Sharpe (belongs to HEXAGON)
  • Model: Mistral 07*10*05
  • XYX Travel: 700mm x 1000mm x 500mm
  • Probe: Renishaw PH10M
The moving bridge type (L-Bridge) of this machine is more rigid than the cantilever type (Arm), and the air-floating slide rail generates a few microns (low friction and low resistance) of air layer between the compressed air and the rail.

The geometry of the workpiece can be measured by manual measurement (means moving the probe manually), electronic control measurement (moving through the joystick), and DCC automatic measurement (using electronic control and programming to make the machine move by itself). Various objects can be measured through different length probes/heads and different angles.
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