Tube Drawing Machine

Long tube drawing machine

The long tube drawing machine is dedicated designed by AMSpec. It can produce high strength seamless tubes and profiles of aluminum alloy and the available tube outer diameter is from 10 to 80mm with length below 2500mm. The efficiency of throughput and the yield rate is improved by using hydraulic power with precision control system. According to the customer specification and use it to design the appropriate processing parameters to get the precision dimensional tolerances, reduce the weight variation and remain consistent. It is the most suitable equipment for the customer products that require the high strength and lightweight.

Short tube drawing machine

The short tube drawing machine can produce the seamless tubes of outer diameter range from 15 to 70mm, the length below 1200mm and it is equipped with high-precision concentric positioning mechanism, and can overcome the problem of wall thickness deviation. The high strength aluminum alloy tubes are often used in suspension fork tube, sports equipment for the competition game and especially suit for the application of profiles. The geometry shape of products is not easy to affect due to the high precision positioning of die and tooling. It’s a kind of dedicated equipment which can control accurate dimensions and weight and it’s very suitable for the sporting products which require specific lightweight and high strength.

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