Tensile Testing Machine


  • Measurement of tensile, compression, bending, bending resistance, tearing, peeling, and shearing force of finished and semi-finished test pieces.
  • The load of this machine is 2 tons and 30 tons which is suitable for testing various materials, such as the tensile, bending strength of aluminum alloys, and the pull-off force and shear force of connecting parts. It not only provided more variety and simple operation but also strengthen the anti-collision safety measures of the load element.
  • This equipment has stretch, compression, and bending functions, the test condition and results will be automatically archived, and testing data will be recorded throughout the process. It provided preservation, comparison and tracking plans. There are many curve options such as stress, strain, force-extension, force-time, strength-time and other options, which can be partially enlarged and overlapped for comparison.

Tensile Testing

  • The design of the equipment complies with ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, GB and other relevant standards.

  • Testing pieces will be defined based on the product shapes.

  • Capacity: testing piece will be tested by 2 tons, tubes or plates will be 30 tons.

  • AMSpec will do the tensile test routinely, in order to make sure the accuracy of the mechanical properties, we will machine the testing pieces which follow the ASTM standard and run the tensile test every batch.

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