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aluminum tube and profile
While choosing the aluminum alloys, we will take reference from ASM Handbook (ASM Specialty Handbook: Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys) to know the properties of each aluminum alloy, for further information, we will take refer to ASM (Aerospace Material Specification), ASTM (Annual Book of ASTM Standards: Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys) …etc. After picking up the specific alloy, not only to meet the mechanical properties but also need to consider further processing and usage, so long-term research and patent technique establishment are very important.

We, AMSpec pay a lot of effort into developing high strength aluminum alloys 7050, 7075, 7068, 7055 and scandium alloy extrusion and processing techniques for a very long term. With our techniques from developing the high strength aluminum alloys, we also expand our product line to 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx series, mid-low strength or some specific requirement of aluminum alloys, and establish the optimal manufacture processes to meet customer requirements.

The high-strength aluminum alloy with scandium added is confidential material for the Russian MIG29 military aircraft which was revealed in the US patent of L. A. Willy, Alcoa in 1971. After a half-century of development, AMSpec is one of few companies to commercialize this technique.

When you choose AMSpec, we commit that we can provide the best qualified products, such as high precise tolerance, high strength and toughness, also the stable heat-treated products in order to meet customer’s need, and aim at spreading our products to all around the world.

Below are our recommendations of alloys:

AlloyApplicationConsiderate Factors
2014,2024,2618Bicycle/motorcycle handle bar, suspension fork tubes, NC processed bar, plate for chain wheel, national defense parts.2xxx series alloys will easily get cracked no matter in extrusion or drawing process, AMSpec not only adjust the stable parameters to overcome this issue, but also establish the optimal heat treated T3 to bring out the high strength and toughness.
3003Battery shell, heat exchanger, condenser etc.For some metal shell products with super thin thickness and tolerance, we have to adjust the microstructure and properties in order to increase the formability.
4032,4142High abrasive profiles.During casting, we focus on adjusting the silicon for better extrusion.
5083,5086,5456Marine constructionThe dimension and mechanical properties of 5xxx-H profiles can meet requirement of marine construction.
6061,6082,6069,6066,6013Seamless tubes and profiles, parts of bicycle, motorcycle, vehicles, and aerospace.Easily processed but with high precise dimension and surface (included the anodize color), our 6013B can reach the mechanical properties of 2xxx alloy, also with clear formability and weld-ability.
7005,7075,7050,7150,7068,7055Seamless tubes and profiles, parts of bicycle, motorcycle, vehicles, and aerospace.Based on the high strength usage, the extrusion is just like 2xxx series alloy which easily get cracked during extrusion or drawing. With fulfill experiences, we've overcome this issue by adjusting the stable parameters and now 7xxx series are our main markets.
A600Sc,A800Sc,(7xxx+Sc)Thin wall thickness tubes which replace the carbon fiber in outdoor sporting equipmentThe development of Al-Sc alloy with high zinc, we have A600Sc, and A800Sc, our target is TS> 650MPa, and now A600Sc has been produced stably for many years (since 2012).

Below are the mechanical properties of our products:


※ The testing data will be different based on different specifications.

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