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Suspension Fork Tube

High Strength Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Suspension Fork Tube

The suspension fork tube consists of steerer, crown, stanchion, lower, quick release and other components. Weight and rigidity of material are extremely important for off-road players especially in the situation of high speed/bumpy riding.

AMSpec’s high strength lightweight aluminum tubes have passed the ISO 4210 standard, have been used for suspension fork tubes by many well-known brands ( Fox, RockShox, SR SUNTOUR…etc )

Static Mechanical Property
TS (MPa)YS (MPa)El (%)
7000 series>580>500>10
6000 series>445>400>13

Feature Of Product

Bending fatigue:

650N load 150,000 times, no crack and damage.

Reverse impact test:

  • 22.5kgs drop from 360mm height impact, permanent deformation <45mm
  • 22.5kgs drop from 600mm height impact, no cracks, damage.

Provide OEM / ODM customization

Tolerance range

  • Outer/Inner diameter : ±0.02mm
  • Thickness : ±0.02mm
  • Straightness : <0.05mm
  • Roundness : ;<0.05mm
  • Concentricity: : <0.05mm
  • Surface Roughness : Ry 0.8~1.6
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