Metallographic Analysis

Production Process

STEP.01 Abrasive cutting machine

STEP.02 Mounting press

STEP.03 Hand grinder

STEP.04 Grinder and polisher

STEP.05 Optical Microscope


In the process of preparing the metallographic testing piece, we have to understand the basic quality requirements such as:

  1. Representative.
  2. Excessive cutting, grinding, and polishing are used to avoid the variation of the stress or heat on the surface of the test piece during preparation, so that the true microstructure can be exposed by etching.
  3. Avoid polishing scratches, pitting corrosion and residual liquid pollution.
  4. Keep the inclusions intact.
  5. It is flat enough (especially the surface) for high magnification observation.

Although due to the diversity of available equipment, the differences in the issues discussed and personal factors, the preparation of metallographic test pieces is not easy to standardize and is related to the technical process, but mastering some metallographic techniques is sufficient to achieve satisfactory results.


The metallographic can be read by using an optical microscope; the microstructure will be different because of the material composition, manufacture process, heat treatment. And for us, we will use the related equipment to examine the phase transformation, grain size, inclusion, decarburization, hardening depth, or the material characterization. After that, we will have a failure analysis report.

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