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High Strength Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Frame Tube

The high value bicycle frame should be equipped with high rigidity, lightweight, low wind resistance, shock absorption and riding comfort…etc .

AMSpec uses the SPD (severe plastic deformation) technology to produce the bicycle frame tube with fine grain size manufacture process. Also, we had the DB (diffusion bonding ) tube in our 7050 which with the concept of composite materials, by doing so, we can upgrade the mechanical properties of 6000 series bicycle frame tube to reach the strength as 2000 series aluminum alloy, and the 7000 series bicycle frame tube can reach tensile strength > 600MPa, which can reach up to titanium alloy tube, but also have A-class weld-ability.

AMSpec produces the bicycle frame tube based on customer request. For 7000 series, we provide the 7005 and M7(aluminum-scandium) tubes with our designed T4x heat treatment to our customers. For 6000 series, now we only provide fabricated tubes, most of our customers will run the heat treatment after they weld it into a frame set.

More Services:

  • Provided the customized tubes according to customer design
  • Cooperated with outsourcing welding supplier.
  • Surface treatment: anodize, liquid coating, powder coating, decal application, laser carving…etc.
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