2004 – AMSpec office was founded in Taipei, the factory was located in Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City. In 2007, we moved our factory to Yunlin and finished factory expansion in 2018.

There are 66 employees in our factory, now we are in a small county but to provide the best performance aluminum alloy products to the world!


A stands for Active – personnel is the most important asset to us, we are committed to personnel training, active and positive attitude can bring us and customers grow together.


M stands for Matey – we pay attention to customer relationships, we aim to provide the best service and also treat our customers like friends.


S stands for Systematic, we are accredited by AS9100D by end of 2019, for company operation, we are based on the indomitable spirit of conventional industry and innovation and development spirit of technology industry. AS9100D is our priority for management; and TPS (Toyota Production System) as supplement which represents standardization and efficiency.


P stands for Phenomenal, for product development, our phenomenal and professional team can work with customers to create the best aluminum alloy products.


E stands for Efficient, a systematic management can bring out high efficiency production and continuous improvement of manufacture process.


C stands for consistent, no matter sample or mass production, quality consistency is our own goal!

AMSpec – Aim for the Best.

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