Product Name : Shock Absorber
Product Description
Automotive and scooter components

In modern vehicles, heavy-gauge aluminum cross members, longitudinal rails, sunroof channels, roof rails, side intrusion beams, driveshaft tubes, etc are manufactured by aluminum extrusion. In other side, the 6061, 6082 bars and seamless tubes with forging, NC machining, heat treatment, etc now are successfully applied in the automotive and scooter production.

Using the aluminum alloys in automotive and locomotive components, besides lightweight, it should also absorb the impact energy. Therefore, the development of aluminum alloys with high strength and better ductility offers important solutions to the demands of future automobile structures by greatly enhancing their ability to withstand collisions.

We dedicated in high purity material and developing subtle improvements to grain structure processes. For example, our R&D department uses our SPD process to extrude 7xxx bar which with refined grain and reach the tensile strength 784MPa after aging, even the elongation improved from 10% to 15%. By persistent and continuous research, we believe that there are still many opportunities for improvement in the components of automotive and scooter structures and that performance and process stability could be optimized. AMSpec high quality Alu alloy tubings are suited to make drive shaft for automotive scooter. Need more detail, do not hesitate to contact our service team!

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