Product Name : BIcycle Rim Profiles
Product Description
High strength aluminum alloy bicycle rim profile

From billet casting, mold design, and extrusion, AMSpec now has ample experiences in rim profile production. Now we not only provide the profile which thickness is 0.8mm, but also high strength. We keep innovating in profile manufacture process and break through the forming techniques. Our goal is to provide the UTS > 420MPa rim profile with our special designed 6013B.

Materials : 6061、6013A、6013B、A6069 …etc.

Product Introduction
AlloyStatic Mechanical Properties
TS (MPa) YS (MPa) El (%)
6061-T6 >310 >270 12~15
6013A-T6 >350 >310 12~15
6069-T6 >380 >340 >15
6013B-T6 >420 >380 >13

The testing data will be different based on different specifications.

  • Thickness: > 0.7mm
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