Product Name : Ice Axe Shaft for Glacier
Product Description
High Strength, lightweight aluminum alloy ice axe shaft for glacier

From 2011, AMSpec started to enter the hiking industry, our first step is the high strength lightweight aluminum alloy ice axe shaft. Ice axe is the third foot for glacier hikers; they might need the best product to protect themselves when they climb the ice mountain. AMSpec extrude and draw the tubes based on the design of customers. Not only the high precision lightweight tube can easy to be carried, but also the high strength aluminum alloy can protect the hikers, which can let them hike safe!

Material: 7050 / A600Sc (7000 series + Scandium)…etc

Product Introduction
AlloyStatic Mechanical Properties
TS (MPa) YS (MPa) El (%)
7050 >537 >462 >9
A600Sc >640 >590 >8

The testing data will be different based on different specifications.

  • Thickness > 1.5mm
Tolerance range:
  • Thickness: ±0.1mm
  • Straightness: 0.3mm/M
  • based on customer
More services:
  • Surface treatment:Sand blast anodize, liquid coating, power coating, decal application, laser carving…etc.
  • Related accessories assembly
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