Webster Hardness Tester


This Webster hardness tester is the 1st choice for inspecting the properties of aluminum alloy profiles, it can detect the locality of alloys, and heat treatment results then we can define if the aluminum alloy can be properly processed.

Easy operation, measuring range from WEB 0 – 20, can quickly measure the hardness of various aluminum alloy materials, no matter plates, tubes, and profiles etc.

Rockwell Type Hardness Tester


Rockwell hardness testing method is to use the principle of leverage to press a hard steel ball or diamond cone indenter into the surface of the material with a certain load to make the testing piece produce indentation then convert the indentation depth to represent the Rockwell hardness value.

Rockwell hardness HR is the most commonly used hardness test in factories. It can be used from extremely thin sheets to extremely hard steel and tungsten carbide.

The hardness value can be directly read on the indicator. The common value of aluminum alloy is HRF, HRE, HRB etc.

Vickers Hardness Tester


The advantages of the Vickers hardness are :
  • The hardness value is irrelevant to the size and load value of the indenter.
  • Despite various materials, the indenter doesn’t need to be changed.
  • The square indentation has a clear edge which is easy to measure.
The Vickers hardness is one of the most widely used hardness standards which can be applied to all metals.

The Vickers hardness test uses a square pyramidal diamond indenter with an angle of 136° between the opposite faces. Due to its extremely high hardness, the diamond indenter can be used to press into almost all materials, pressing the indenter into the surface of the material to be tested with a certain load (test force). After maintaining the load for a certain period of time, remove the load and measure the diagonal length of the square indentation on the surface of the material. Take the arithmetic scale for the length of the two diagonals perpendicular to each other.

The Vickers hardness tester is equipped with a microscope for viewing the dents, also the computer program can be used to quickly can accurately calculate the hardness value.
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