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Cold rolling machine

The President Takeuchi of Daito Seisakusho Co., Ltd commissioned by AMSpec to design and build up the two rolling machines for precision rolling the aluminum or magnesium alloys sheet, wherein one cold rolling machine is equipped with the roller cooling system and it can remove the heat generation during the process. The thinnest thickness of sheet rolling is 0.6 mm and with the tolerance of 0.04mm. It is one of the few high precision rolling machines that can carry out both research and mass production in Taiwan.

  • Roller diameter: ψ300mm x L400mm
  • Roller loading: 1.5MN Max
  • Roller speed: 20m/min Max
  • Roller material: SUJ-2,surface hardness above HRC 65
  • Rolling torque: 20kN-m Max
  • Net weight: 12 tons
  • Allowed width of rolling sheet: 360mm
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Hot rolling machine

Another rolling machine in AMSpec is a kind of multi-roller type with roller surface temperature controller and the heating limitation is about 200℃. It is dedicated for rolling the magnesium alloy with tolerance of 0.04mm between both ends of sheet.

  • Roller diamete: ψ245mm x L350mm
  • Roller loading: 800kN Max
  • Roller speed: 7.61m/min Max
  • Roller material: SKD 61,surface hardness HRC 50
  • Rolling torque: 10kN-m Max
  • Net weight: 6 tons
  • Allowed width of rolling sheet: 330mm
  • Temperature sensor: K type thermo-couple
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