Product Name : Aerospace
Product Description

In 2018, AMSpec accepted customer’s commission to evaluate the 6063 airplane motor housing, we were accredited by AS9100D in 2019, we also received more inquiries of the 7075, 7050, 6082 seamless tubes from aviation industries, our in-house processing include the extrusion, drawing, heat treatment, and NC processing from our qualified sub-contractors etc.

No matter airplane or the space shuttle, aluminum alloy is one of the most important materials, the aluminum alloy which used in manufacturing airplane requires the durability and anti-corrosion factors. AMSpec can provide the aviation rating tubes and profiles because we use the qualified and high cleanliness alloy and our long-established mature manufacture processes which can bring the products high stability, and become the ideal options of aviation mechanical parts.

For example: the manufacture of seamless tubes, in PFMEA stage, we use the similar technique and equipment from high strength lightweight aluminum alloy bicycle suspension fork tube, but more stable manufacture process parameters. Our reliable and traceable process and quality control abilities already proved we can provide safety products.

In addition to meet the specification and requirement for aviation customers, AMSpec also gradually shifted the studies from static property tests to the more important SCC and fatigue-related environmental and dynamic property tests; it also includes the corrosive protection of raw products and the possible factors which will affect the product surface during moving or staying stages.

We also strive to establish the temperature uniformity and calibration abilities in heat treatment furnaces and look forward to producing more and safe aviation parts.

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