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Aerospace Alloys

✈ Alu-Alloys in the Aerospace Industry

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world. The most important reason why the aerospace industry specifically chooses aluminum for component machining is that it is lightweight (about 70% lighter than steel), strong, ductile, and highly resistant to corrosion. Over the years, aluminum has played an important role in the aerospace industry and its demand has increased accordingly.

✈ Why choose AMSpec?

Committed to the research and development of aluminum alloys for more than 20 years, AMSpec mainly focuses on the extrusion and post-processing of high-strength aluminum alloys. Highly stable products and lean processing technology make AMSpec highly praised by domestic and foreign partners.

In 2018, AMSpec accepted the customer's commission to evaluate the 6063 aircraft motor housing. In 2019, we passed the AS9100D certification. We also received more inquiries from the aviation industry for 7075, 7050, and 6082 seamless pipes. Our in-house processing includes extruding, pressing, drawing, heat treatment, and CNC machining from our qualified subcontractors, etc.

For example: in the manufacture of seamless tubes, in the PFMEA stage, we use similar technology and equipment as high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy bicycle suspension fork tubes, but the manufacturing process parameters are more stable. Our reliable and traceable process and quality control capabilities have proven that we can deliver safe products.

In addition to meeting the specifications and requirements of the aerospace industry, AMSpec has gradually shifted research from static performance testing to more important SCC and fatigue-related environmental and dynamic performance testing; also includes corrosion protection of raw materials and possible effects on product surfaces during moving or dwell phases the elements of.

We are also working hard to build up the temperature uniformity and calibration capabilities of our heat treatment furnaces and look forward to producing more and safer aeronautical aluminium alloy extrusions.

✈ Reliable Supplier of Aerospace Aluminum Alloys

AMSpec can provide aerospace-grade tubing and profiles, ideal for aircraft mechanical parts due to our use of qualified high cleanliness alloys and our renowned proven manufacturing process that results in high product stability.

When a request is received, AMSpec will discuss with the customer if there is a better combination of the selected alloy and structure. In order to provide the highest quality products to all of our customers, AMSpec prefers to spend more time identifying requirements, from project discussion to prototyping. Mass production can only begin after samples have been approved.

If you have any questions or ideas about aerospace aluminum alloy profiles, please contact AMSpec.

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